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isultancy® is faster, better and more cost effective recruitment
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Up to 50% savings when compared with traditional agency fee structures.

isultancy® recruitment services are available on either a retained or contingent basis which allows greater control over your costs and risks. As well as benefitting from our extremely competitive pricing structure you also gain access to our unique technology and resources that ensure results every time. Read More Read Less

Our technology enables you to manage the entire recruitment process online. This ensures that we can deliver the right candidate to you at a fraction of the cost of other recruitment agencies; our retained search fees start from as little as £1195 and we also offer a competitively priced charge rate structure of 10% of the salary for the roles with up to £40,000 salaries on a contingent basis.

“Your processes to verify the ID and right to work in UK appear robust,
Satisfactory and compare favourably with other employers we have visited. ”
UK Border Agency Office
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Recruitment partnership that creates win-win!

isultancy® puts you in the drivers seat of your recruitment

Our experienced recruitment team fully understands the frustration of having a vacancy that needs filling quickly, cost effectively and with the ideal candidate for the role. Our unique online vacancy capture solution ensures we gain a full understanding of your recruitment needs so we can provide you with the best quality candidates fast. Read More Read Less

Through our secure on line employer console you can track the progress of your vacancies. The real-time aspect of our service keeps you up to date throughout the process via email alerts. You can view candidates CV’s, share the CV's with your colleagues and gather feedback all in one place; we can then use this to adjust our campaign accordingly to ensure we find the perfect candidate for you.

Retained search

  • Fixed cost structure
  • Up to 50% savings
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Replacement Guarantee
  • Secure online access
Save up to 50%! Post vacancy now.

Contingency search

  • Cost based on remuneration
  • Competitive Rebate structure
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Secure Online access
  • Replacement Guarantee
100% Guarantee. Post Vacancy Now.
  1. Submit Your Vacancy Submit Your Vacancy Submit Your Vacancy
  2. Vacancy Profile Vacancy Profile Vacancy Profile
  3. Candidate Attraction Candidate Attraction Candidate Attraction
  4. Screening and Profiling Screening and Profiling Screening & Profiling
  5. Selection and Assessment Selection and Assessment Selection & Assessment
  6. Interviews Arranged Interviews Arranged Interviews Arranged
  7. Manage and Negotiate Manage and Negotiate Manage & Negotiate
  8. Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Quality Assurance
Submit Your Vacancy

Submit Your Vacancy

Our unique process involves more than just simply posting a job description – our belief is that quality input guarantees quality output. We ask better questions that enable us to adopt "Get it right first time" approach to recruitment. Quality of input at the initial stage of the process reduces the investment of time throughout the process and ensures we avoid mistakes and attract the best talent for the role.

Vacancy Profile

Vacancy Profile

Our skilled copy writing team transforms these details into a 'web friendly', powerful selling tool. This ensures that the advert for the vacancy can be found easily by the targeted candidates and we don't only attract the most suitable candidates for the role but also deter the unsuitable ones from applying. Understanding key words means we position your vacancy in front of targeted quality candidates – fast!

Candidate Attraction

Candidate Attraction

Substantial amount of time and resources are invested on your behalf to search for passive candidates on our large and well established internal and external databases, allowing us access to up to 15 million CV's across the country. As well as generating candidates through referrals and using headhunting techniques we also target suitable candidates using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The vacancy is also advertised on several well renowned and major job boards to attract the most relevant candidates for the role.

Screening and Profiling

Screening & Profiling

Attempting to efficiently manage responses, pre vetting and going through sometimes 100's of CV's....all of these tasks you no longer have to contend with. Our incredibly skilled and dedicated resourcing team creates shortlists of the best candidates whilst conducting the initial screening over the phone, immediately eliminating unsuitable candidates. Shortlisted candidates are then seen by our experienced consultants face to face before being submitted for your consideration, saving you time, money and the frustration of fruitless searching for the right candidate.

Selection and Assessment

Selection & Assessment

The real-time aspect of our service keeps you up to date throughout the process via email alerts and with full access to our secure online console that can be accessed at any time that suits you. The online console allows you to share the CV's with your colleagues and gather feedback all in one place; we can then use this to adjust our campaign accordingly.

The best candidates and skills will always be snapped up quickly so we ask that you respond promptly to ensure you secure the best talent.

Interviews Arranged

Interviews Arranged

Your star candidate has been selected and ready to move onto the interview stage. Once you provide us with available time slots for an interview, venue and other interviewer details we contact the candidate and coordinate the interview arrangement on your behalf saving you more valuable time.

Manage and Negotiate

Manage & Negotiate

Our experienced consultants are seasoned to assist you in managing the offer of employment and negotiating the remuneration package with the successful candidate. We also provide online facilities to assist in this important and delicate part of the recruitment cycle ensuring compliance to all legislative requirements.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Feedback is gathered from our clients and candidates throughout the process to ensure quality and also to make necessary adjustments to the campaign. Our dedication to a 'Kaizen' approach of continuous improvement allows us to further strengthen our process so we can provide the best service possible. This helps ensure that we consistently add value, provide great return on your investment as well as further strengthening our process.

Our guarantees offer you the peace of mind and reassurance that your investment of both time and money will be fully protected with our services. We offer universal guarantees for both our itemps® and isultancy® recruitment solutions as well as individually specific guarantees for each.

  1. Legal Rights to Work in the UK
    Legal Rights to Work in the UK
  2. Transparency and 24/7 Audit Facilities
    Transparency and 24/7 Audit Facilities
  3. Quality Commitment
    Quality Commitment
  4. 100% Money Back Guarantee
    100% Money Back Guarantee
  5. Replacement Guarantee
    Replacement Guarantee
  6. 100 Days Rebate Guarantee
    100 Days Rebate Guarantee

Legal Rights to Work in the UK

Goldteam has integrated vigorous identity checks into our registration systems. Hardware traditionally used by border and immigration control agencies is used to scan passports and ID documents confirming that all candidates processed through our itemps® and isultancy® recruitment solutions have the legal rights to work in the UK. The UK Home Office underwrites the eligibility of all individuals whose passport or ID documents were approved through this system.

Transparency and 24/7 Audit Facilities

itemps® guarantees a 100% transparent method of managing your workers information. We provide you with a secure online console giving you instant access to complete records for your entire team of temporary and contract workers, both past and present. We guarantee that you will feel just as secure conducting a planned internal or external audit as you will conducting one without notice at any given time, 24/7.

All the information you would need for internal quality monitoring purposes and external audit compliance is stored and easily accessible 24/7 using our cloud based technology system. Multiple reports can be accessed instantly, in real time providing you with statistics on:

  • AWR Records
  • Attrition rates
  • Signed terms and conditions
  • Training records
  • Records of attendance
  • Punctuality statistics
  • Departmental and shift spending rate analysis
  • Location, department and shift specific analysis
  • Week-ending or specified date range analysis
  • New, more detailed reports are consistently being worked on and you are always welcomed and encouraged to submit requests for personalised reporting features to be added onto our system.

    Quality Commitment

    We are fully committed to providing you with quality candidates each time we make a placement. Whether you are placing a temporary or contract worker through our itemps® recruitment model or a permanent candidate through our isultancy® model, we provide a 100% quality guarantee.

    itemps® guarantees that you are protected should you reasonably consider the services of a temporary or contract worker supplied by us to be deemed unsatisfactory. In the unlikely event, you are able to terminate the assignment either by instructing the temporary or contract worker to leave your premises immediately, or by directing your dedicated account manager to remove the temporary worker on your behalf. Subject to our terms and conditions, no charges for the unsatisfactory hours worked by the temporary or contract worker are made. This insures that you are guaranteed to achieve the most optimum return on your investment.

    isultancy® guarantees both our retained and contingent models are committed to delivering quality results every time. Our strict quality procedures ensure that only the most relevant candidates are submitted for your consideration, saving you valuable time and energy. We go the extra mile to give you the reassurance of our quality guarantee which promises to credit you with £100 in the unlikely event that we submit an obviously inappropriate CV for a job role.

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    Our retained isultancy® model provides you with a 100% money back guarantee. We are certain that our committed, experienced account managers can fill your vacancy. However, in the unlikely event that we are unable to do this, we have a guarantee in place to ensure you will not lose out.

    In order to qualify for our 100% money back guarantee, we simply ask that:

  • You complete and return out “Money back guarantee” form
  • The vacancy is placed with us on an exclusive basis for 30 days
  • You respond to requests for information within 48 hours
  • Replacement Guarantee

    The isultancy® retained search model provides protection on your investment even after the placement has been successfully made. The huge inconvenience of having an employee leave soon after they have been placed can be massively disheartening to you as an employer. To relieve some of this disappointment, as well as work towards replacing your candidate, if your new employee leaves within 30 calendar days of their start date, we will reduce the fee for hiring their replacement by 50%.

    100 Days Rebate Guarantee

    Our contingent based isultancy® model provides a refreshing rebate policy to fully safeguard your investment. If the new employee placed using our isultancy® contingent search model subsequently leaves your employment within 100 calendar days of their start date, we offer a 50% rebate or free replacement.

    Our unique service is incredibly cost effective and offers consultative recruitment service at the cost of online flat fee models; so you get the best of both worlds.

    Not only do we guarantee to source quality candidates and fill your vacancy fast, we work with you from the initial capturing of vacancy details through to helping negotiate the offer of employment with the successful candidate; ultimately providing the best return on your investment. Read More Read Less


    We appreciate that cost inevitably plays an important role in your decision making. Our unique itemps® and isultancy® models offer incredibly cost effective recruitment solutions without compromising any of our quality guarantees.

    We have invested heavily into streamlining our business processes so that our clients can enjoy below industry margins. Whether you are looking to fill a temporary, contract or permanent position, we are sure to have a cost effective solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


    For our isultancy® model, our simple, low cost and transparent pricing structure is based upon the salary band of the role you are recruiting for. We guarantee to source the most appropriate candidates and fill your vacancy fast. We work with you from the initial capturing of vacancy details through to helping negotiate the offer of employment with the successful candidate. As an added bonus, we offer money back or replacement guarantees on the unlikely occasion that a candidate placed through our isultancy® model leaves your employment*.


    Up to £25000
    £25001 to £40000
    £40001 to £60000
    £60001 to £80000
    £80001 to £100000
    £100001 +



    We offer a well-rounded approach to permanent recruitment, ultimately providing the best return on your investment. There are no hidden costs and you essentially receive consultative recruitment services at the cost of online flat fee models – giving you the best of both worlds.


    Our itemps® model enlists the use of our bespoke technology solution Goldtime. Goldtime is an award winning, cloud based candidate management tool that increases efficiency, ensures accuracy, reduces time and eliminates much of the paperwork associated with traditional recruiting. Utilising Goldtime enables us to offer you cost effective solutions with below industry margins. Wherever possible we work with you to reach mutual agreements for pricing structures.

    *Terms and conditions apply