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interims® gives you instant access to senior, hands-on interims® managers with a proven track record and extensive industry experience.

Our vast talent bank of outstanding executives includes some of the top interims® managers and executives working in the UK today. All of our candidates are fully-vetted with thorough background checks and interviews.

Our dedicated recruiters draw on their prior specialist, experience based knowledge to match your unique needs with the right interims® manager, effectively and efficiently.

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Independent leaders that are experts in their respective fields

An interims® manager enables you to harness the skills and expertise of a highly experienced individual for a time specified appointment. interims® provides independent leaders that are experts in their respective fields. Our pool of candidates consists of high level performers with established records of quantifiable achievement. Read More Read Less

Though often referred to as consultants, interims® managers are different in that they serve your company in a more hands-on capacity. Organisations typically seek out interims® managers to fill critical staffing gaps and temporary roles. When the right permanent employee cannot be found fast enough, or it is more cost effective to fill a role temporarily, interims® managers are the solution. Typically organisations will take on the services of an interims® manager on a short term basis of a few months.

interims® provides recruitment services for an array of roles including but not limited to:

  1. CEO
  2. MD
  3. COO
  4. Chairman
  5. Non-Executive Director
  6. Finance Director
  7. CFO
  8. IT Director
  1. CIO
  2. CTO
  3. Change Management
  4. Business Transformation
  5. Risk Management
  6. Compliance
  7. Human Resources
  8. Business Development

interims® is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for organisations in the UK to source highly experienced and skilled executive managers on a temporary basis. Some of the reasons organisations choose interims® are:

  1. Return on investment
    Return on investment
  2. Timesaving
  3. Experience
  4. Accountability
  5. Efficiency
  6. Dedication

Return on investment

interims® managers receive results-linked remuneration. This means that they are paid on the understanding of objectives and goals being met and delivered as opposed to the traditional model of receiving remuneration on the basis of attendance alone.

They add value by utilising their vast skills and expertise to deliver measurable outcomes or solutions that provide clients with a meaningful return on investment.


interims® managers can be actively working for your organisation within a matter of days. Unlike permanent employment which can take weeks or even months, interims® managers quickly become effective upon joining your organisation

With extensive prior experience, our interims® managers are practiced in engaging promptly and completing assignments with accuracy and speed.


interims® managers bring with them the knowledge and expertise to address a skills gap or problem. Their proficiency and experience is best suited to senior level roles and often, interims® managers can even be sensibly over-qualified for the roles they take on.

Their involvement with your organisation will make a noticeable impact from the outset.


interims® managers take on more than simply an advisory role. They take the responsibility to manage a project, task or business and expect to be held accountable.

Our clients can expect to work with an interims® manager that is instrumental in an assignments successful completion.


interims® managers actively add tremendous value to a client’s organisation. Unlike a temporary employee, they are not there to simply hold the fort. Rather, they offer their expertise at board level, giving them the authority and credibility to create significant change and improvement for your business.


interims® managers place great importance on the success of any assignment they undertake. Their future work opportunities depends upon their successful track record and professional referrals.

Unlike temporary employees who may have interest in seeking permanent employment or trying to extend their tenure, interims® managers want to continue adding to their already established portfolio of success.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy upon appointing an interims® manager through Goldteam interims® are:

  1. Start in a matter of days
  2. Require minimum recruitment and termination formalities
  3. Welcome remuneration linked to results
  4. Deliver results quickly time after time
  5. Transfer invaluable skills, experience and business contacts onto your team
  6. Demonstrate sensitivity to your company ethos
  7. Free from the constraints of company politics, protocols and personalities
  8. Can keep focus on critical tasks or projects
  9. Help to keep down your permanent headcount
  10. Highly cost-effective and impactful solution

Executives placed through interims® are results orientated, vastly experienced professionals. Accustomed to working towards goals and meeting deadlines, an interims® manager will quickly transition into your organisation. With their independent view and lack of personal history within an organisation, interims® managers are the ideal candidate to provide tangible solutions, long term strategies and boost morale.

Our interims® managers are practised in working on short term contracts. With extensive experience in providing interims® management services, our candidates offer you the expertise, dedication and flexibility in availability, work hours and location.

interims® contracts are short term, generally ranging between three and nine months. This means that unlike a permanent member of staff who has a fixed overhead, an interims® will be a limited, variable cost. As a result, this creates a cost effective solution to traditional permanent recruitment.

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Goldteam understands that interims® managers are mostly required at short notice. Our clients come from organisations who may require an interims® manager at short notice and do not want to forgo their expectations and demands. We recognise that a potential candidate’s level of experience, expertise and availability are key factors of importance to our clients.

interims® managers place great importance on the success of any assignment they undertake. Their future work opportunities depends upon their successful track record and professional referrals.

interims® was created in order to provide our clients with an outstanding interims® manager exceeding their expectations at short notice. To achieve this quick response time, Goldteam have access to a vast number of fully-vetted senior interims® professionals ready to take on the challenge of your interims® management position.

interims® Management VS Traditional Consultancy

Often confused to mean the same thing, “interims® management” and “consultancy” are two very different ways to provide high level recruitment to organisations. An interims® manager is appointed for a predetermined term, usually ranging between three and nine months.

Unlike consultants who may offer their services to several different organisations simultaneously, interims® managers work on one assignment, five days a week. Chosen for their vast experience, skill set and expertise, interims® managers add value to your business. They make recommendations, agree upon action plans and then implement successfully. Ultimately, interims® managers offer a professional, cost effective solution to the traditional consultancy model.

Let us help you find a skilled interims® manager who can add value and deliver results for your organisation.

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