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  • Senior Recruitment Consultant
    "In my role I am tasked with engaging with companies to generate employment opportunities and place people in to work. I'd probably say the greatest thing about working for Goldteam is the level of autonomy the company provides you with in your role. It is truly the closest thing you will get to running your own business, but with the added bonus of being surrounded by people who support your efforts and help you to achieve your goals. I get to work with some truly inspirational people at Goldteam and feel highly valued by the company. I am given clear strategic direction by senior management, who celebrate my successes and energise me to overcome any hurdles. I was recently given the opportunity to travel to our overseas office and train the team out there which was both very rewarding and great for my personal development."
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    Process Quality Controller
    The list of things I enjoy about my job and working for Goldtime is so vast! Most of all, I love that I actually enjoy my job and look forward to going into work. Stepping into my office each morning induces a sense of pride. Assisting with the development of our very own software; Goldtime allows me to work within the ever changing realm of technology which is something I had always hoped to do. My job encourages me to think outside of the box, stay up to date with technology and recruitment and learn something new every day. The positive atmosphere at Goldteam motivates me to always do the best that I can do and more.
    Working for Goldteam has allowed me the opportunity to realize several personal and career goals. With support, guidance and all the right tools necessary, Goldteam has created an environment that is stimulating and fast paced, yet comfortable at the same time. Our multi-story state of the art offices filled with a vast group of individuals boasts a feeling of friendship and professionalism simultaneously and I cannot help but feel a sense of pride to call Goldteam my workplace.
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  • Learning and Development Manager
    Being a Human Resource Management graduate with past experience ranging from retail to training and development, Goldteam has given me the amazing opportunity to lead their learning and development sector. I am challenged with designing and developing the department to ensure a swift run and most importantly long-term success. My tasks involve liaising with new and existing clients to promote our learning and development portfolio, undertake training needs analysis, post-event monitoring and evaluating.
    Since joining the company I have had plenty of support from everyone, including all the directors, in assisting me in my development and contribution into the organisation. I am on a learning curve but it is so encouraging to know that the company are not only here to assist me but also trust my abilities to deliver the best for the learning and development sector. I commute from London on a daily basis which is another of my challenges, but it is an immense pleasure to be part of the company as Life at Goldteam is like a one big happy family.
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